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Author Ron McIntosh discovered that The Missing Ingredient – The One Thing That Changes Everything isn’t a self-help strategy, but revelation for thriving from the inside out. Based on scripture, backed by neuroscience, and filled with experiences of those who have seen their lives changed by first changing the heart, The Missing Ingredient provides more than just a band-aid for life’s struggles, but a step-by-step process to transform what you say you believe into results you can see and experience.


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Jekalyn believes that you should live your life as a blessed person. She loves to see people living out their dreams. You Will Win! encourages you to create that opportunity in your life. The message pushes you above your circumstances and helps you overcome. You were created to be above the things of this world and not underneath them. You Will Win! is a reminder that your words have the power to create and you must use them to speak the happiness and joy that you want in your life. Your winning season is not related to the natural seasons of spring, winter, summer or fall, but to a lifetime of peace and joy. Remember, you will win!



The Smart Woman's Guide is a spiritual road map to dating and relationships for the modern Christian single, that starts with personal accountability and ends with the author and finisher of our faith!

Christian relationship expert Nadiyah H. helps you to unapologetically stand on the promises of God to unleash a new, powerful vision for your love life and your relationships. Nadiyah provides no non-sense, practical, relatable, real world insight that will leave you with an unshakable confidence and inspirtation when it comes to your love life. You will never look at dating and relationships the same!


Satan's Trojan Horses

How to defeat the forces of evil, and live victoriously!

In this world where we are constantly experiencing oppositions and impositions, this book is a mind-altering, eye opening guide to rain Holy war with the power and the authority of Jehovah Sabaoth.

SATAN’S TROJAN HORSES IS A MUST read for everyone desiring spiritual SUCCESS!

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About the book Ten-Thousand Years at His Feet: The Transforming Power of Gratitude by Laura Vice Byrne

For some Christians and even for many non-believers, gratitude is only a concept, not a reality in the person’s life. Ingratitude permeates the attitudes, decisions, actions and ultimately the relationships of the chronically ungrateful. Ingratitude guarantees a defeated, unhappy life. On the other hand, gratitude “in everything” generates a miraculous joy in your spirit and assures triumph over your challenges. 

To meet the tests of life and be joyously victorious in all things, author Laura Byrne offers six principles of gratitude in this Bible study based upon her exploration of the Scripture passage:

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NKJV)   
16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.


In this insightful book, Terri Strong, shares deep truth that will empower any person who unwittingly has built a prison of their own making that limits their potential.    Sometimes these prisons are constructed of words, thoughts and behaviors, and in all cases, God’s Word, the Bible provides the insights that one needs to reach their fullest potential in Christ. 

Serving as a Corrections Officer for 25  years in the County Jail of Memphis, Tennessee has provided Terri Strong with unique insights about human behavior, incarceration, and why some inmates remain free, never to return, and others can never seem to break the cycle.    You will be amazed at the stories that Terri Strong has to share about her journey, but you will be even more encouraged by the insights she provides for all of us.   

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Steely Paupher grew up an only child in a loving family in Houston. Her rather ordinary life is turned upside down in eighth grade when her father is tragically killed. Her mother is so traumatized by the loss that she falls into debilitating depression. With her mother unable to support the family, and the family bank account emptied the week before her father died, Steely searches for a job and the truth about what really happened to her father. Her pursuit takes her into the underworld of illegal narcotics and human trafficking, which is only the beginning of her troubles


In the summer of 2012, I came face to face with the shambles of my life.

It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, all my plans and schemes were so many failed attempts at creating a life that I thought would bring me happiness. I was defeating myself. My wounds ran my life; my thoughts and habits pointed toward pain. Most of the time I felt scared, not knowing where I fit or who to trust. Successfully navigating my life seemed like an immense undertaking. I was trying so very hard and making so many mistakes. I was shattered and broken.

I began to hunger for the Word of God, and I spent time with Him daily. The words were not simply good advice--they became as real as the air that I breathe, and the Holy Spirit began to do amazing things in me. Pointing the way to areas that needed healing, through prayer and revelation, I experienced release from the enemy, whose only desire is to destroy and confuse me.

In this book Precious Love, you will find that God is still in the recovery, restoring and healing process for his children.


A Thesaurus Is Not a Dinosuar

In today's world of communication via emojis and initialism, Onomosticon, a cute, curious dinosaur, accompanies the reader through this Dr. Seuss inspired book. Kids are encouraged to expand their vocabulary and use their WORDS.


I'm Married But I Feel Like I'm Single

I'm Married but I Feel Like I'm Single is riveting story describing how a once firmly grounded Christian couple's deep desire to love was simply not enough to fight off the deception and intense loneliness that infiltrated their marriage. This left their relationship vulnerable to an array of pitfalls - including infidelity - which eventually led to its painful and public demise, including a 10-year separation and finally, a painful divorce.

Regardless of where you are on the relationship spectrum, this book will offer sound advice to you as you read about the author's emotional journey from bliss to the abyss, which ends with a divine demonstration of God's ability to repair and restore broken hearts and broken lives. You will cry, laugh, feel intense anger and then a burst a restored hope. It is an excellent read, both inspirational and entertaining.