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Trilogy Publishing Services

  • Professional Editing in the U.S.A.
  • Professional Cover Design by One of Our Award Winning Designers
  • Professional Interior Layout and Typeset
  • ISBN Registration
  • Copyright Registration with the Library of Congress
  • International Digital and Physical Distribution (Physical Distribution to more than 39K Retailers, Digital Distribution to more than 100k online retailers)
  • E-book Conversion Higher than Average Industry Royalties (22% retail and 30% E-Book)
  • Professionally Illustrated Art for Books Requiring Illustrations
  • Options to Publish in Hardback Format
  • Discounted Print Options for Author Inventory
  • Distributed and Set Up On All online bookstores (ie. Amazon, CBD)
  • CD to Manuscript Transcription Service (sermons or recordings can be transcribed and made into books)
  • Ghost Writing Services if needed

Trilogy Marketing Services

  • Social Media Exposure: The release of your book will be promoted through TBN’s social media platforms, i.e., Facebook (1.2m Likes); Twitter (80k Followers) and Instagram (133K Followers)
  • Social Media Posts to all Trilogy Social Media Platforms once a month during the first 2 months of your release date
  • Title will be featured on Trilogy’s Website of New Releases (which features the TBN Logo) for 60 Days
  • Your book will always be available for sale in the Bookstore section of the Trilogy Website